Meet our speakers

Kyle Veach

View Church Senior Pastor
Kyle grew up in the PNW and pastors in Snohomish county.  Fun fact: he loves soccer.  This is good because he can stay active and fuel his donut addiction.

Dane Boffey

CTK Skagit Youth Pastor
Dane leads the youth at CTK Skagit with his wife Jess Boffey. He believes fully that the next generation of church leaders can start now! He also loves pokémon Go and isn't afraid to admit it.

Jess Boffey

CTK Skagit Youth Pastor
Jess grew up on Whidbey Island but is always cold despite her PNW upbringing.  If it's under 72 degrees you can be sure she has a jacket on.

Ally Kutz

CTK Skagit Youth - HS Director
Ally is also a firefighter! She has been known to rescue kittens stuck in trees. i.e. the photo