At conference expect nothing other then the life and love of Jesus being taught to  students. Our mission with this conference is to help students hear from God in their current season of life. What is God calling them to this Summer. Our goal for conference is between them and God they should be able to finish the sentence only God can write through them. This is the Summer Of... (Let God fill in the blank)
Students are highly encouraged to join in the fun as it breaks down walls and builds unity but no student will be forced to play a game against their will.  We will be dividing the students into different tribes as they compete through out the conference to see who is the conference champion!


This is not an overnight event - rather a drop-off and pick-up event!

If you need help getting rides OR are a group traveling 30+ minutes to Conference please email and we can help find accommodations.


$20 Per Student and free for all leaders!
(Special discount for families)

Conference registration is $20 for all students if you are a family of three or more you will only pay for the first two students and all others will be free after that. Youth volunteers, and youth pastors/directors will be free.


Lunch & Dinner are provided! Yum!

Some GF options available.
Please bring your own food if you have allergies just in case!


Thursday - 4:30pm - 8:30pm
Friday - 9:30am - 8:30pm
Saturday - 9:30am - 8:30pm

For more details check out our
Conference Schedule HERE


Limited edition Merch will be
available for purchase.  
 Including but not limited to:
Hoodies, T-Shirts, & Bags
Payment options coming soon


Each session we will be dividing into small groups by sex and age.  These groups are intended to build relationship between students! Other Youth groups joining will be in charge of their small group time and division of groups.