Mission Values & Priorities

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

To create an authentic Christian community that effectively reaches out to unchurched people with love, acceptance and forgiveness so that they may experience the joy of salvation and a purposeful life of discipleship.


Simplicity: CTK is about keeping the main thing the main thing.
Authenticity: CTK is about real people having a genuine relationship with God and each other.
Community: CTK is about loving God and loving people.
Empowerment: CTK is about saying yes to what God wants to do in our lives.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: CTK is about reaching as many people as possible as quickly as possible and in as many ways as possible.
Truth: CTK is unapologetically committed to the truth of Scripture and Bible-based teaching.
Grace: CTK is committed to treating every person like Christ has treated us – much better than we deserve.


Worship: We are devoted to worshiping God as a lifestyle.
Community: We are diligent in caring for each other through community groups.
Outreach: We are dedicated to reaching people who do not know Christ.
Discipleship: We are determined to mature in relationships with God and others.