Pre Teens


A support to parents as they teach and live out the Word of God in their House.

That Ignite would effectively reach children in the preteen years to be able to fully live it out in the preteen years when they have to truly start making decisions for themselves. Kids in the 9-12 age group are going through many changes. They are going through a physical development change that has the most change than any other age group than babies. Their bodies are going through new stages in life, as well as their brain development that is rewiring their minds from the front to the back. At this stage, preteens are starting to ask “Why”, why do things happen to people, why did this happen, ect..., they want to go deep into what is pulling upon their hearts. They also ask “How”, how do I fit into this story, does it apply to me, where am I accepted and loved.
Preteens would see God’s Glory as a real, evident, and lively characteristic in their lives as they are guided by the Holy Spirit. Their hunger for Him would be ever growing.
Mission Statement
Ignite is where preteens experience God’s Glory and own their Faith in Christ.

When Do We Meet
First and Third Tuesday of Every Month at CTK Skagit in Burlington at 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

What Do We Do
Food, snacks and games.
Small Groups

What Are Pre-Teens Learning
November/December - Guarding Your Heart (4 week series)
January/February - Big Time Truths  (4 week series, Why the Bible, Jesus, Church, Share My Faith)
March/April - Bible Science Experiments Revealing the Nature of God

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