Good morning CTK Youth Family!

My name is Dane Boffey and I am going to be taking on the privilege of being our churches youth pastor. It's an honor to be able to step into this position and lead the youth ministry as well as be trusted with the weight of responsibility that comes with this. Jess and I are no strangers to youth ministry. Collectively we have close to 15 years experience as pastors over youth. Our passion for youth and our vision of them being the future of the church drives us to give them everything we have. I want you to know we will love this ministry with heart and soul.

So where do we go from here? Before I start leading anything I want to meet those who are able to during this season as well as offer a zoom meeting option for those who can't. I'll be working with our Senior Pastor, Rick Snodgrass as well as our Executive Pastor, Julia Berger to set up a date and time to invite you all into the church for a meet and great along with a Q & A. So stay tune for the details.

A quick insight of were we are currently at I have reached out to all of our youth leaders and have one on ones with each of them scheduled. Once those have all occurred we will be scheduling the above mentioned meeting. During the meeting we will detail out the reopen of youth ministry in the building at CTK Skagit.

please reach out to me at any point by emailing me at Dane@ctkskagit.net. I look forward to connecting with you all soon and can't wait for all God has in store for CTK Youth.

God Bless,

Dane & Jess Boffey

Adopt a Senior program

We have a great opportunity to show our graduating seniors their community loves them and wants to see all their hard work celebrated! Please follow the above link to choose from a few options on how we can encourage them as they leave school and enter their next phase of life where it is that God is leading them.
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