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Daily Devotions

On average it takes 3 minutes and 45 seconds to read or listen to the average chapter of the Bible.

Daily Devotions combines reading one chapter of the New Testament a day and practicing the essentials of discipleship.

1. Getting Truths & Promises
2. Receiving Adjustments & Assignments
3. Giving Support & Encouragement

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Prayer Stations

We are committed to being a house of prayer!

To help you grow in your prayer journey we have created 10 prayer stations to guide you through your prayer saturated life.

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Prayer Sign-ups

Let us know when you are praying. Rather in building or at home on your couch.

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We are baptizing people each month at CTK Skagit.

For more information visit our baptisms page or fill out the sign up form

House of Prayer Night

On January 29th we will be having a prayer service at 6pm in the South Auditorium. Join us as we  worship together and go through the 10 prayer stations.

**Childcare will be provided**

Healing Hearts HEM Class

Healing Hearts Ministries is a gospel centered, grace driven ministry that offers Hope and healing in Jesus Christ thru God's word to people who have been broken by sin. We are offering a women's HEM of His Garment class Feb 2nd to April 14th. 9:30-11:30.

There is a $25 book fee. Register with Cheryl at 425-478-1483.

There are also on-line classes for men and women  at www.healinghearts.org and click on "Get help now".