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House of Prayer Night

Our next House of Prayer Night Sunday June 4th at 6:00pm in the South Auditorium

CTK Kids: VBS - Stellar (Participation)

Participation- YOU can participate in Vacation Bible School! There are many roles involved in making VBS possible- decorating, set-up/tear down, Crew Leader, snack/meal-prepper, Station Leader, etc. There truly is SOMETHING for EVERYONE at VBS.

You can now register as a participant or a volunteer!

CTK Kids: VBS - Stellar (Provision)

Provision- Our heart is to have the week FREE to any child who attends.  With that, it can take a lot to make Vacation Bible School happen financially. Decor, station supplies, t-shirts, Bibles, etc. all help make the week possible, and can add up. YOU can help us by providing in however little or large, God leads you. We have a donation supplies list you can purchase from OR you can give through the website or app!

Showered with Love

Showered with Love would once again like to show our appreciation to CARE Medical for serving our community of families. Please help us by giving an unwrapped gift to place into the bassinet that will be sitting in our lobby until the end of May.

Items needed are baby clothes 6mo.-2yrs • baby socks • onesie’s • Diapers • Paper towels • toilet paper

Thank You

Youth Merch Sale

Leading up to our youth worship conference on May 19th-20th we have youth merch for sale. T-Shirts $25 & Sweatshirts $40 Sundays at the connection center. All funds go to help support the youth ministry. 

Join the Team!

Looking for a place to serve at CTK Skagit? We have now started a hospitality team to help with Events. This team is to help during our ministry events as well as setup and teardown. This is a good oppurtunity if you are being called to serve but unable to make a week to week commitment.  We also have multiple other teams in need.

Fill out a connect card to sign up


We are baptizing people each month at CTK Skagit.

For more information visit our baptisms page or fill out the sign up form

Daily Devotions

On average it takes 3 minutes and 45 seconds to read or listen to the average chapter of the Bible. Daily Devotions combines reading one chapter of the New Testament a day and practicing the essentials of discipleship.

1. Getting Truths & Promises
2. Receiving Adjustments & Assignments
3. Giving Support & Encouragement

View this weeks devotions here

Prayer Stations

We are committed to being a house of prayer!

To help you grow in your prayer journey we have created 10 prayer stations to guide you through your prayer saturated life.

View all prayer stations here

Prayer Sign-ups

Let us know when you are praying. Rather in building or at home on your couch.

Fill out the prayer sign up form