Use this form to request church wide communication:
  • Weekly Update
  • Rotating video slides
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Verbal announcement
*communication is subject to Lead Team's discretion

Facility / Resource Request Form - CTK ministries only

Request for facility / resource use by CTK Skagit Ministries only:
  • Room reservation
  • Chairs request
  • Tables request
*non-CTK ministries/events should utilize the Facility Rental Form*
This form is required to run background checks on any current and/or potential team members for CTK Skagit Ministry.
Reimbursement requests are processed once this form is submitted.
These reimbursements are for purchases of a ministry or church cost
This form is to be printed and filled out if an incident happens that needs to be reported that happens at CTK on-site or off-site while serving with CTK Ministries